Seek out other entrepreneurs who might be in the same situation as you are. Actually, this article is really interesting and I think you observed it better. You still don’t understand who you are dealing with.

As a result, entrepreneurship has attained a sort of rockstar status where business owners are seen as amazing people. You need to keep this in mind because the mind tends to wander when there’s little or no communication in a relationship. If your entrepreneur partner goes off alone and doesn’t want to speak to anyone, they aren’t mad at you. They just need to be in that quiet place where they can think.

If you are using more than five online sources and recycling the same information and photos, and not giving them proper attention, then you are wasting your time. Getting outside your comfort zone is healthy, and you never know who you will meet at these events. Not only are you likely to learn something new, but you will hear from other people in the same situation as yourself. If you are not ready for an in-person learning event, there are also online alternatives.

Next, you should pick a photo where you are the focal point – all eyes on you. It doesn’t help you to include a photo where you are being drowned out or outshined by others. This could be something that you and your future partner could be doing together. It helps for others to visualize what life would be like with you.

Never say: “We can afford it. You make plenty of money!”

He or she may appreciate the reminder that there’s more to life than work. There are probably a lot of other business owners out there who are also looking for someone to date – so find them! Use online dating services, attend business networking events, or try joining local entrepreneur groups in your area.

Should Entrepreneurs Date Other Entrepreneurs?

Between dating apps, social media, and the ever-growing list of dating services, the options can be overwhelming. You might think that it should be easier to meet a romantic partner with all the dating apps and dating services. True entrepreneurial success isn’t just about making money. It’s about building a business that allows you to have freedom. Freedom to live the life you want and to enjoy the things that make you happy – with the people you love. And these things happen because their minds never turn off.

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Ask your friends and family to set you up – Sure this may be awkward, but get over it. Who do you think startup founders go to for their first round of funding? If you think asking your friends to introduce you to a new love interest is uncomfortable, try asking them for money. For instance, using the term “entrepreneur,” alone might not do you justice.

If you’re not in for the long haul, exit stage left. Another way this comes out is by saying, “You never spend enough time with me.” You can think these thoughts, but never say them out loud. Let them be momentary thoughts that pass through you like clouds passing in the sky. As soon as you put yourself into competition with your partner’s business, everyone loses. Entrepreneurs are a unique blend of risk-takers, mad scientists, hope addicts, inventors and magicians. They can make incredible love partners if you know how to crack the code that unlocks their love and devotion.

Unless there is an upcoming deadline, don’t’ ask what day it is.

Here are five reasons why dating an entrepreneur, or entrepreneurial-minded person, is a great idea. Always trying to improve themselves, entrepreneurs are avid readers. If you take a look inside an entrepreneur’s apartment, I guarantee you there will be a bookshelf or two laden with books.

Determine if both of your non-negotiables are workable. If you don’t, the two of you will constantly be disappointed because the other person is not living up to your expectations. Don’t resent those moments, instead find ways to help them flush out their ideas. This will allow you to see things from their perspective; as well as position you as an asset and not a liability in their eyes. I wish could have communicated this better to the people I have dated before.

As your significant other matures, you’ll find they learn how to better control their emotions. An entrepreneur messaged me and asked if I knew of any resources that explain how entrepreneurs are wired. The purpose of this video is to have something your significant other can watch so they can better understand you. Dating an entrepreneur can be either the most exhilarating thing in your life or it can drive you absolutely insane if you don’t know how entrepreneurs are wired.

You can frequently change your business model and services, too, until you find what works best for you and what you want to focus on doing. If you work for yourself, you’re in charge of your own schedule and won’t need to request time off. Of course, you’ll need to let your clients know that you’ll be unavailable, but that’s an easy thing to do.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s worth it every damn time. They’ll turn a stressful situation into an adventure. They don’t shy from hard problems or awkward conversations. They’ll cook up dates, trips, and conversations that feed their own laborator retriever appetite for stimulation.