Successful remote meetings require the same amount of planning as meetings in person. You must be clear on the agenda and ensure that everyone has read the pre-readings and that the sharing process goes seamlessly during the meeting, and that all the key points are discussed. If you exit of the meeting feeling that all of these things took place and you’re satisfied, then that your team meetings via remote are successful.

If your meetings do not bring about results, then they’re a waste money and time for the entire business. Remote teams need to invest in strategies and tools to make meetings productive. Meetings are a crucial element of working but if they’re not managed properly, they can be distracting and even detrimental to employees working from different locations. Meetings are often the largest productivity loss for globally distributed teams.

Fortunately, facilitating an engaging and productive remote meeting isn’t as difficult as it appears. You can ensure that your team stays on the same page and be more efficient by implementing a few best practices. Here are eight crucial techniques for conducting successful remote meetings:

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