About Us at Arise and Impact Nigerian Youths Initiative



To build a new generation of youths that will be breaking new grounds, achieving success and celebrating inventions.


At Arise and Impact Nigerian Youths Initiative, we strive to build a new society on the basis of ethics and good value. We envisage a new Nigeria where youths take the lead by fostering a transformational leadership based on the ideas of liberty and democracy, encouraging and stressing the importance of education and academic excellence, promoting the beauty of entrepreneurship and engagement in community development and social justice.


  • Education
  • Youth Advocacy, Development and Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Good Governance
  • Community Development and Social Justices


  • To build a new generation of youths that are driven with zeal and passion to achieve success in all ramification
  • To work on structuring and restructuring the mindset of youths towards a better society
  • Making education a must for everyone in our society
  • Promoting goodwill and better friendship among Nigerian youths and beyond
  • Advocating for youths inclusion in government at all level.
  • Building a new Nigeria on ethical standard and values
  • Promoting youths participation in community development and social justices


  • Education Intervention Programmes
  • Primary and Secondary School Tour programmes
  • Youth participation in community development services
  • Youth related policy formulations
  • Youth development and empowerment programmes
  • Training and retraining of youths on personal development and capacity building.


  • Creating Awareness
  • Developing Partnership and Collaboration with other bodies and institutions
  • Training, seminars, symposium and conferences
  • Mentoring. Guidance and Counseling
  • Campaign


  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Development
  • Academics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Inspiration
  • Focus