Small-scale business marketing might be a niche that established businesses dedicate an entire department to. However, that does not mean that smaller businesses cannot effectively engage and retain their client base. Smaller companies can build and maintain their brands by using a variety of strategies which include online marketing, as well as traditional methods like print ads and billboards.

Online marketing, which includes an online presence for your business as well as profiles on social media, is a crucial element of any marketing strategy for small companies. A well-designed website provides customers with crucial information about your business, including your services and products location and hours of operation, pricing and contact information. Furthermore, a small-scale business website can function as an online shop which allows you to sell your products and services directly to consumers.

In addition to having an online presence, small-sized companies can also utilize more traditional methods to market themselves, such as distributing advertisements in newspapers and coupon books, or participating in farmers markets and trade shows. One popular method to increase brand recognition is to join with influencers. These are those who have a large following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

A solid and effective marketing plan is crucial for any small business. Our research results indicate that the majority small businesses plan to increase marketing efforts throughout the entire year. When asked what marketing tactics provide the biggest return, email and Facebook ranked at the top of the list with content marketing, while paid digital advertisements rounded out the top five. However, direct mail, SMS marketing, and Twitter were deemed to have a lower ROI on investment.

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